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Jeep Cherokee XJ Rock Sliders

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Rock Slider offers great protection for the body of your vehicle, and makes it easier to get in and out of your rig. Their high clearance design means that nothing hangs down, so that you don’t lose clearance for off-roading.

Shipping time

Expected shipping time : September 10th -15th

Shipping info

Shipped raw steel due to frequent damage to powder coat during shipping and to save you packaging cost, we recommend you have it powder coated or painted to match your rig locally. That way you can actually see the paint/powder coat samples in person and hold them up to your vehicle to see how well they match.


  • Made from 2x2x3/16" box tubing

  • 1.75" angled round outer tubing

  • fits 2-door and 4-door Jeep Cherokee 1984-2001

  • drilling required, but easily installed

  • includes mounting hardware

  • hand built by professional welders

  • proudly designed and made in the USA

  • will fit all short arm and most of the long arm suspensions   without modification

  • to use these sliders with any suspension that has brackets   on the outside of the uniframe or mounts on the pinch seam, modifications may be necessary


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